The Legacy develops technologies for authorities and companies to defend and prevent crime and terrorism. We provide cyber defense tools to legitimately address the challenges of today’s world.

Sem M. Koeksal
Sem Köksal
Co-founder & vice president
Gil Birger
Gil Birger
Pini Meidan
Pini Meidan
Chief technology officer
Damian Strobel
Damian Strobel


Adhering to our strict ethics and compliance rules for integrity in dealing with clients, business partners, employees and the public is always our top priority. This applies throughout our company. 

 In addition to the mere observance of these guidelines, it is also important to actively demand the integrity of our employees and to examine our clients in advance. 

 In cases of doubt, there is an open and early involvement of our compliance organization. 

 We want to successfully complete our business. In doing so, we only want to do business that complies with local laws and that complies with good corporate governance, corporate compliance and industry standards. We must all commit ourselves to that; That is what we demand from ourselves and from all employees at Legacy Technologies. 

 Honesty, trust and confidentiality are integral parts of our corporate ideology. 

 We take the misuse of our products seriously and carefully examine all credible cases of alleged abuse with all means at our disposal.