Sensitizing employees in the area of ​​IT security is the most difficult part. This discipline presents companies and authorities the greatest challenges. Last but not least, due to the legal requirements for a growing number of systems and the rapidly advancing digitalization, there are problems which result in the need for competent support.
Operational security

With our expertise in the field of IT security, we see ourselves as an external, independent and secretive control for implemented security measures. We uncover, evaluate and give your internal IT or IT service providers our NEO CMaS for the prevention of acute and possible security risks. We access a wide range of control methods from penetration tests, source code audits, Firewall and NGFW settings, to advanced attack scenarios such as red teaming (black box or with a well-defined scope) and social engineering. Based on our testing results and our gained expertise, we recommend our customers how to optimize and upgrade their level of security.