Who are we

Legacy Technologies GmbH is a German-based cybersecurity company that provides innovative solutions of military-grade data centers. Legacy technologies is based on an in-house team of experts and partners with German and Israeli companies. Legacy Technologies expertise is based on three pillars:

  • Cyber security - filed proven experience in architecture, operations, and delivery of national-level cyber security solutions in the OT and IT domains.
  • Datacenter facilities - consulting, development, and construction of customized data centers of the highest quality, focusing on innovative energy solutions, physical security, high availability, energy efficiency, and sustainability.
  • IT infrastructure - secure and highly available infrastructure tailored to the customer needs and requirements, based on the latest technology, and filed proven IT operations experience.

Our uniqeness

  • Architecture, Design, implementation, and Operation of IT infrastructure
  • Building, Operating, and managing cloud services
  • ISO and PCI certification
  • Operational Cyber Security experience and methodology
  • Proprietary technology
  • Military grade and National level Cyber Security solutions
  • Resilience Testing (pen testing, team maturity and more)
  • Development and construction of customized data center
  • Tier 4 data-center classification

Integrated SOC

Legacy technologies integrated security concept for data center is based on military grade technology and experience. The primary idea behind the integrated SOC (Security Operation Center) is the mandatory requirement to be aware and base our decisions on all aspects of the data center operations, including physical security, cyber security, and the operational state of the data center.

Physical Security

Discourage, Detect, and Delay any unauthorized entry of personnel at the perimeter and internally. Monitoring all restricted areas and deploying entry restrictions. Based on technological and physical solutions such as high-resolution video surveillance system, motion-activated security and video content analytics (VCA); Access control system using card swipes or biometrics; Advanced VCA for license plates recognition, facial recognition, and detect smoke and fire threats.

Cyber Security

Data center cyber security is the digital support systems and measures that keep data center operations, applications and data safe from threats at the network, compute and storage infrastructure. The solution includes cyber security solutions for the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure. Situational awareness and incident management based on battle proven play books and procedures.


Data center is a complex integration of various systems and their management platforms, including 1) Facility support systems such as safety hazards systems (smoke and Fire detection, water / leakage detection and fire protection system) 2) Power Distribution systems - UPS/PDU 3) Supporting systems (Pumps / Compressors / HVAC / DCIM / BMS) 4) Network Operation Center (NOC) 5) Application Operation Center (AOC)

Data center facility

The data center facility is based on a proprietary design and advanced technologies with the following guidelines:

  • Modular construction
  • Tier 4 data center classification
  • Physical Safeness
  • Technical Redundancy – Availability
  • Sustainable construction method
  • Highest efficiency - reliable constructions and operation costs
  • Scalability
  • Usage of energy efficient TGA components
  • Ecologic / Economic operation

IT infrastructure

The IT infrastructure is based on filed proven technology, methodology and operational experience:

  • Designed for availability, portability and scalability
  • Physical or virtualize
  • Private, public or hybrid cloud solutions
  • General purpose computing infrastructure or custom solutions designed to your needs
    • Big data, AI, Mobile, IoT and more
  • Standalone operational capabilities or 24/7 managed services
  • Highest standard of high availability, redundancy and Disaster recover
  • Training and capability buildup
  • Certificated solution ISO and PCI
24/7/365 Staff on Site
BSI ISO 27001
PCI-DSS v.3.2.1
Proprietary architecture and methodology
Filed proven operational expertise
Military grade security